The piano is where music and art find a voice. The notes are words, and how we hear them depends on the artist.

Nothing should stand in the way between the performer and the instrument. The connection is personal, the bond universally understood.

Piano tuning is the art of allowing the music to be heard with no distractions.

I am a graduate of Davidson College, a U.S. Army veteran, and I have been a musician since age 14. I joined the Piano Technician Guild in 2004, found a mentor in Charlotte, NC, and began an informal apprentiship program that continues to this day. In 2007 I had completed all the written, technical and aural exams to attain the status of Registered Piano Technician. I regularly attend monthly and yearly training events, and I assist other technicians in upgrading their skills as well.

My association with technicians from all over the country has had a major impact on my professional development. I am constantly exposed to new ideas, I continue to improve my technique, and I never stop learning. This enthusiasm, passion and skill is what I bring to your piano.

To schedule your piano for service, please call me or email me.

Enjoy life, play more music, and STAY TUNED!

--- John Parham